Friday, March 2, 2012

The Cobra Strikes Again

Another trade night last night... It had a good turn out, a few new faces, a few new trade boxes to look through.
One guy I've always wanted to trade with was there last night. Now you have to understand what I mean.... this guy sneaks in an hour or so into the evening, stays for 30 minutes, and then leaves. And I never manage to trade with him even though he always has cool cards. This time, I got him.
A simple two for two swap. Here's the main piece that I received....
 a 2011 Limited Gary Simmons auto. Awesome. Some of you may remember me posting my TTM success with The Cobra. Now I have a certified auto to go with it.
I didn't realize until today while scanning the card that it was /25.
What did I have to give up in return in order to obtain such magnifigance? I said goodbye to this on card auto of Flyer great, Reggie Leach.
 I also snagged this Carey Price Artifacts Green /99 in exchange for a Bob Bourne rookie.
 If you're young, will tell you about Mr Bourne.

The other two hockey cards I acquired were for my chase of the 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions set. Although it took some doing. This Black and White Rendition of Patrick Roy was traded no less than 4 times last night before I finally tacked it down.
 Everytime I tried to trade for it, I was informed it had just been traded to someone else. After awhile, I thought they were messing with me....
I had to part with a Wayne Gretzky hologram from the 1991 McDonalds set for Sir Patrick.

And finally, the last file photo I needed. Orr vs Esposito All Star edition.
 This one was free. Gratis. He knew I needed it and just handed it to me as I was leaving.

All in all I was sad to see the Leach auto go, but it didn't really fit into my collection. The Cobra does. And rather well too....


  1. The Leach auto for that Cobra / brainer.

    Awesome pickup.

    I gotta make my way out there again one of these months.

  2. Great autos! Both Leach and Simmons are great so I would have to say there are no losers in that trade!