Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Panini screws the pooch again....

I first read about this set on Cards On Ice, but really couldn't believe what I read, so I dove into the interwebs and found out more.
Yes, Panini is putting out a 100 card Update/Traded boxed set for this year's Score Hockey. It'll set you back $20.
The catch? You know there is one.... 95% of the sets will only have cards #1-99 in them. That's right... they short printed card #100. How can you short print a numbered base card out of a factory set??

Once again, Panini screws the pooch and the collector in one fell swoop.

EDIT: it's so bad... that even Chris over at Stale Gum is giving Panini the middle finger. And when he comments on hockey, you know something stinks.


  1. Panini has done little right this year across the board. I like their Ice Kings and Tough Times insert sets, but that is about it.

    Although, I just bought a few packs of Pinnacle and they weren't terrible. Review to come later tonight or tomorrow.

  2. CB... again, insightful as ever! ;)

    Casey, agreed, I like their Ice Kings cards as well. I haven't seen Pinnacle in person yet. Look forward to your review.

  3. It's Strasburg #661 all over again!

  4. I am going to wait and see who the card is before I complain.

    The idea is similar to OPC update of last season but I can see the frustration some would have buying a incomplete factory set. I will laugh if Trish is right and it is Bettman which in that case I don't want the bonus card.

  5. Guys, what's the big deal. Just buy a case of 20 factory sets, and you'll get the elusive, short-printed #100.