Saturday, April 23, 2011

2010-11 ITG Between the Pipes box break... it ain't pretty.

I still haven't posted the box of ITG Heroes and Prospects I busted because it was one of the ugliest busts I've ever had. Until now. Most of you know I love In The Game products. And I still do. But my luck with them sucks. Pure and simple. I looked at many, many box breaks on the various forums. Every box I saw had two or three autos, and two or three relic cards. Most had 5 hits. I got three. Two autos and a jersey card.
I think I may be done busting boxes for awhile. This is three straight products I've absolutely whiffed on. For the $105 this box cost, I could've bought a base set for $3-$5, 5-6 autos and 3-4 relic cards on the 'bay.
Lesson learned.

Anyways... on with the show. This year the set is 200 cards, but as usual, broken up into different parts. We lead off with 'Future Stars'
 then into 'Stars of the Game'
 followed by retired 'Greats of the Game' "Greats" being a relative word. Frank Pietrangelo anyone? The best part of the Greats section is undoubtably seeing some of our favourite masks once more.
 a brief 4 card 'Women of the Nets' section, celebrating a few of the Hotties that have tended goal for Team Canada.
 and as always, we leave off with the 'Immortals'... some of the very finest to ever wear the sweater.
 My two autos were of Petr Mrazek, who at the time of pulling I thought was 5th on Detroits goalie depth chart. Upon a little digging on the interwebs, I find out young Petr is actually 8th on the goalie depth chart. Awesome.
 Young Robin here is from France, and is eligible for the upcoming 2011 Amateur Draft.
 Being a Montreal fan, of course I would pull a Maple Leaf. There are two insert sets, one for the Leafs (Blue and White) and one for Montreal (the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge) Mr Reimer is already on his way to the Hamiltonian in exchange for a Carey Price card she pulled.
 The ever popular Masked Men inserts are back, in Emerald, Silver, And Gold versions.
Brent Johnson of Pittsburgh is an example of the Emerald version #/340
 Brian Elliot of the Avalanche isa Silver version #/100. The Golds are out of /10 I think.......
 Interesting that all the players who have been traded are shown in their old uniforms in the base set, but the inserts show them in their new uni's. As shown with Brian Elliot. His base card still shows him with Ottawa.

My only relic card was of young Jhonas Enroth of the Sabres. However it is a Gold version #/10.
 Silvers are out of /50 and Blacks are out of /120 I believe.

And that concludes my box break. Bamlinden from My Hockey Card Obsession was there to witness the carnage first hand. He barely held back his tears. A great product.. I love it. I just don't have the mojo needed to pull the great cards that are available in it.

However... some of my luck returned in time for Pack Wars. I won a round of Pack Wars later on, somewhat saving my evening. And making my box break a little bit less of a disaster.

Along with some needed base cards, I also won a Kelly Hrudey auto....
 a Patrick Lalime Emerald Masked Men
 a dual Ready Willing and Able jersey card of the Kings goalie tandem #/80.
 and a Franchise Leader jersey for Washington of Olaf Kolzig. Ollie the goalie is #/29.
If any of you are still with me, all cards here are for trade.

So go buy some of this stuff and let's swap.


  1. Would you take a young gun off your want list for Olie?

  2. I hear you on Mrazek, I'm a Wings fan and never heard of the guy before this set came out.

  3. Oh, the tears are still flowing.

    That's just a harsh box break.

    Could use the Lalime down the road.