Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I found Gordie Howe at a used book store...

My wife and I spent last weekend doing stuff together. We haven't been able to spend a lot of time lately just the two of us, so we made the effort.

Aside from going hiking, trudging through antique (junk) stores etc... was a trip to a rather large used book store that neither of us had ever been to.

We spent some time perusing the shelves, and managed to find a few books we liked.

At the cash, I noticed a rather amateurish looking sign pinned up on the wall behind their desk a few feet away.

On a torn 8 x11 piece of paper, someone had written "Free Hockey Autograph with Hockey book Purchase."

Okay. Cool.

Me "excuse me, but is that sign still accurate?"

them "huh? oh.... yes, yes it is."

Me " and is the autograph of anyone in particular.... is it random...??"

them "No. It's of Gordie Howe."

Me  *blink blink*

Me "a real autograph of Gordie Howe? or a preprint?"

them "It's real. Signed in pen. You can get one by purchasing a book from the hockey section"

Me " and where might that be?"

them "over there." *points ------>

While my dear wife waits somewhat patiently... I wander over and start frantically looking through their hockey section. Somewhat small in size, I nevertheless come up with a copy of "The Habs" by Brian McFarlane for $6.

After paying, the teller hands me this....

On this card are autos of Gordie Howe, as well as his three sons, Mark, Marty, and Murray.

Frikkin' sweet.

The other side looks like this...
Apparently this was a series of video tapes, yes, video tapes, put out by the Howes in 1987. Despite being a "limited collector's edition" not all of the tapes were produced.
So some of the unused VHS covers remained unfolded and uncirculated. Somehow this bookstore got a bunch of them.

A nice little surprise at the used book store. I guess you'll never know what you might find out and about while shopping with your wife.


  1. Um....where might this store be and are they holding the Howe clan hostage or what?

    That is an awesome pickup.

  2. Sick.

    I totally want that to happen to me all the time.

  3. Wow....Great score and really "howe" often does someone come across that!