Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hall of Fame Class of 2012

This year's Hall of Fame Class was announced earlier today. The NHL elected Joe Sakic and Mats Sundin in their first year of eligibility, as well as Adam Oates and Pavel Bure.

Let's take a look at what matters most. Their cards. Rookie style.

Joe Sakic
1989-90 OPC #113

Joe scored 625 goals and 1016 assists for 1641 points in 1378 games. He also Captained his teams to two Stanley Cups. 12 All Star Game appearances to go with a Hart and Conn Smythe trophy.

A spanky mint copy of his only RC will set you back $2-3 bucks. If you don't have one, why not?

Mats Sundin
1990-91 OPC Premier #114

Mats scored 1349 points in 1346 games including 564 goals. Mats played for 18 seasons, but never won a Cup, or any other type of trophy.

Mats' rookie cards inlcude 90/91 UD #365, 90/91 Pro Set #636 and 90/91 Score #338. The OPC Premier pictured above is probably the most desirable and can be had for about $2.

Adam Oates
1987-88 OPC #123

Adam potted 1420 points with 1079 assists in 1337 games. He was a playmaker. He made a lot of 'goal scorers' look better than they were. Five All Star Games with no Cups or personal hardware.
He's not really identified with any one team, as he played with seven of them over his 19 year career. He played the longest with Washington.
Coincidently, he was named the new head coach of the Washington Capitals earlier today. A pretty exciting day in the Oates household.

His OPC rookie shown can be bought ungraded for about $7.

Pavel Bure

1990-91 Upper Deck # 526

Kind of the surprise of the group. Didn't expect to see old Pavel in the Hall.

Bure had four seasons with at least 58 goals scored, twice hitting 60. That combined with the fact he only got 437 goals in his career shows he was a very big hit or miss player. Mostly miss. Scoring a 117 goals in 8 seasons to me is not a Hall of Fame player.... despite getting 317 in those previously mentioned four seasons.
Hello consistancy?
Six All Star games, a Calder trophy and two Henri Richard trophies, but no Cups.

Pavel's only rookie card is yours pretty much anywhere for $3.

So there you have the 2012 NHL Hall of Fame class. Congrats to those that made it.

As for the rest of you, go out and grab those rookies of the newest Hall of Famers. It won't cost you much.


  1. Remember, Bure was hurt a lot. His actual stats for those non 50-60 goal seasons:

    44-20-23-43 (lockout)
    15-6-7-13 (knee? trying to remember this injury)
    - career ends with chronic injuries.

    There was nothing hit or miss about this guy. I think he was the best sniper since Bossy.

    1. Agreed....Hull and Bure were the best in the last 20 years!

  2. Great cards! A great post as well, very informative.