Thursday, February 16, 2012

TTM Success! The Non-French Speaking Carey Price!

I'm not ashamed to admit that when I opened my envelope to see who was kind enough to return an autographed picture and I saw this inside.... I let out a Squee and did a little dance. For those of you who know me well, the visual of that in itself is worth the price of admission.
 It's no secret that Carey is my favourite current player. Us small town B.C. boys got to stick together.
Carey is well known for being great about signing autographs. It may take a little while, but he signs them all.
I sent this midway through training camp, and received them the last day of January.
I thought I'd mix it up a little and send him a baseball card to sign. Well, a hockey card. From a baseball card set. You know what I mean.

Thanks Carey!!!


  1. Holy Crap Carey Price signs TTM for free, gotta find me some Canadian Stamps quick!! Hey did you get my email? I'm still looking for some stuff for you, I'm taking the night off from anything and should be knee deep in cards. Joy!!