Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions box break

So the latest hockey set has been released. You won't find the latest or hottest rookies in it though. It's the latest version of Parkhurst Champions featuring all the greats, and some not so greats, of the past.
The box features 20 packs with 5 cards per pack. Cost was $84. A bit more than what you would think it should cost considering you'll find the 100 card base sets for $3 at card shows in a couple of weeks.

The first card out of the first pack is.....
 Patrick Roy in his rookie garb. Awesome. The set has various levels of cards. The first, the main base, has 100 cards. In honour of my pal Shane, here is card #100......
 interesting to see the material that sweater is made out of... it looks like a football jersey.
The cards are full bleed of course, high gloss, with a gold foil embossed name and logo at the bottom.

The backs are like this...
 Full career stats!!! Which for a superstar set like this one makes for some interesting reading...
99 of the 100 base card set also come in an autographed parallel. Chances are 1:14 packs. The exception is Eric Lindros. Eric no sign for you!

Cards 101-120 are made up of old Wire Photos. They are short printed. You get one every five packs. Or four per box.
 Cards 121-130 are also Wire Photos, but feature more than one player. They are short printed to one per box.
Smile boys.
 All of the Wire Photo cards also come in an autographed parallel. The single player auto odds are 1:500 packs. The multi player auto odds are 1:3000 packs.

Cards 131-150 are called Rendition Colour and feature artwork. These fall at 1:8 packs.
 19 out of the 20 Rendition Colour cards are available autographed. 1:800 packs will find you one. Again, Eric Lindros no sign for you!

Cards 151-160 are a subset called Rendition Black and White. These beauties are 1:32 or just over 1 per box and a half.
 You know by now that they also come autographed. Although odds fall at 1:4000 packs.

The other part of the "set" are Champ's mini's. These mini cards make up a 57 card set. And the first 45 cards are one per pack.
 They come in four parallels. Regular back, Green back 1:6, Parkhurst back 1:172 and Gold foil 1:???
What do they look like? Glad you asked. My only "duplicate" in teh box was getting a Marcell Dionne regular and Green back.
 Pointless. But apparently standard nowadays.
Cards 46 through 57 of this mini set are short printed and fall at 1 per box. My SP mini ended up being Phil Esposito. 
 Now the "hits" The box advertises one OR two autographs per box. Standard base autos fall at 1:14. I ended up with Flyer sniper Reggie Leach.
 Differences include a matte finish card, and the gold foil has been replaced with silver.

I did end up with two autos in my box... the other came in mini form.
These are tough to find at 1:90 or one every five boxes. They also come in a Red Ink variation, but only 15 copies of those exist.

So there you have it... all in all a fun break. Not for everyone, but if you enjoy hockey history like me, then you'll enjoy reading all of these cards like I did.
I'll be, as expected, going after this set, so if any of you bust any and don't like them, send them my way.


  1. I liked this product, nice cards.
    I wonder why Lindros doesn't have a auto parallel.

  2. Man. I really debated on doing this set, simply for the retro thing I seem to have an addiction to. The only reason I decided against it was due to the fact that I don't know enough hockey history. But this set looks fantastic to collect.

    If I happen to pick up any loose packs, I'll be sure to check your want lists.

  3. I am still undecided on this set. If UD had done this with current players I'd be all over it. But I already have a bunch of Masterpieces cards that I really have no connect to since I barely saw any of those guys play.

    I'll probably end up just buying the minis on eBay since I have all the other Champ's minis. And you are correct, the colored back parallels are pointless.

  4. Wow, really like the look of these. I know Francis and Liut are both in the set.

  5. That's pretty good. The Leach autograph looks like they faded out the bottom of the card - or is the bottom of the photo?

  6. trish, they faded out the area where he was supposed to sign. It looks good in person.